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I've lived and gardened in urban Austin for the past 8 years, after retiring from the last of my several careers. BR (before retirement), most of my life was spent in colder places like Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, and Boston MA. Best thing I've done AR-- becoming a Master Gardener. Other passions-- Austin Farmers' Market, grandchildren, and travel.

photo by Elsa, age 7

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blooming in spite of it all

I promise I took these shots on the 15th, though I'm a little late posting for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Some plants are carrying on bravely but look somewhat washed out in our harsh summer light.
One of my favorite is gomphrena--here are the red and purple varieties against a background of trailing lantana.

This summer snapdragon (angelonia ) is true to its nickname.  Next to it is a supertunia picked up at Shoal Creek.  In June it browned back severely, so I cut it back to a few green stubs, and this is its comeback--super.

If they're lucky, my several plumbagos get some water about once a week.

This dianthus was potted three years ago.  The cleome seeds itself everywhere.  Zexmenia (background) would live in hell if it had to.

Thyrallis looks spring-like and fragile but will bloom in the heat for a long time.

Passionvine blooms seem to come in waves--this week about ten popped up on this plant.

Pigeonberry--the happy little groundcover that continues growing and blooming even while forming its red berries.

And what would I do without my giant flame acanthus bush within a few feet of my back porch.  Hummingbirds galore!

Elsewhere in the garden-- riots of orange cosmos, four-nerve daisy, Black n Blue salvia, indigo spires, frogfruit with its tiny white blossoms, tropical sage, Pride of Barbados, and the ubiquitous blackfoot daisy.
Can we keep this up for another month?


  1. I'm loving your gomphrena and the passion vine. All it takes is water...and more water, right?! Happy GBBD.

  2. Diana,
    Thanks--I'll have enough seed to keep you supplied for next summer. Have a great time in Seattle!

  3. That's a pretty impressive comeback for the supertunia; and you can't argue with the bizarre flowers of the passion vine. Happy GBBD!

  4. Wow, it's just lovely. This is my first year with angelonia and I agree, it's fabulous!

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    ~ Janey